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4s Ranch

boys & girls


Completed in October of 2004, the Boys and Girls Club has become the gateway building to the new 21-acre 4S Ranch Community Park that is located in the new community of 4S Ranch in Rancho Bernardo.  The new 8,900 square foot Club houses a 3,200 square foot Activity Center as well as supporting program spaces such as a Performance Center, a Creative Center, a Nutrition Center, and a Learning Center with state of the art technology.  The program was integral in defining the overall massing of the building while effectively supporting the user’s needs.

Creating a Community Building that engages both its users and its surrounding environment was a primary goal.  The Boys & Girls Club was designed with two main entrances that address the two separate conditions of the site and also visually connect one side with the other.  The massing of the building also helps define entry spaces that engage the user and provides an exterior space for kids to sit or congregate.  Playful entry canopies also contribute to define these spaces and bring shade from the intense Southern California sun.  From the exterior, form follows function and invites the community, while from the interior, an energized atmosphere with beautiful views of the landscape are prominent

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