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Francis Parker Lower School, was founded in 1912 by Col. Francis W. Parker.  The  original  campus, located in the heart of Mission Hills, was designed by Templeton Johnson. The school is configured in a traditional  Spanish  style  courtyard  with  all  sixteen  classrooms  oriented  towards  the  commons.

The  master  plan, completed in 1998, contemplates  the  addition of ten  new classrooms  and  the renovation of all  sixteen  existing classrooms,  the construction of a new library, technology center, two new  science  classrooms, two foreign language labs  and a new  cafeteria.  Thematically,  the architectural  character  shall  maintain  the charm  and  feel  of the  existing  structures  while balancing  the integration of technology throughout all new and old spaces. Care has been given to emulate the historic details. Shaped rafter tail, vine ensconced arbors and floated glass windows have been incorporated into the proposed construction.  

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