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alpine way

In response to a Request for Proposal, RY+A created a conceptual design for the SDG&E Alpine Way Tenant Improvement Project.  

The project is a 9,995 sq. ft. tenant improvement in an existing concrete tilt-up building located directly adjacent to SDG&E’s Northeastern Construction & Operations base.  

The existing building will be reconfigured and renovated exclusively to house the Integrated Test Facility (ITF) Lab and the Northeast Area Resource Scheduling Organization (ARSO).  The ITF Lab includes the following functional space user groups:  ITF Situation room, A/V room, Home Area Network (HAN) Lab, Foundational Systems Lab, Power Systems Lab, Security Lab, Distribution Engineering Resource Lab (SDG&E Electrical Distribution system) and Garage of the Future. The ARSO includes the following functional space user groups:  ARSO Dispatch/ Communication Center (Open Office Environment), Private Manager Offices, ARSO Situation Awareness room, Large Conference room, Storage room, Copy/Fax/Print Area and A/V room

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