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Realty income

del mar

Realty Income Del Mar is the second headquarters building for Realty Income, a fortune 500 company, that RY+A has been commissioned to design. 

The new Realty Income Headquarters building, is a three-story 54,000 square foot tenant improvement. The new HQ design takes cues from the original building with its warm and inviting clean lines, delineating a composition of materials. Limestone floors, cherry wood panels, fabric & gypsum board walls are used along with wood & gypsum board ceiling soffits proportionately balanced. 

One major difference is that the private office / open office ratio and location in the building changed. Now there is a 50/50 ratio with more open office at the perimeter of the building, allowing shared views and light from the exterior. Also, open office workstation panels have been lowered and collaborative work environments have been implemented into the design.

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